Role and client
3D visualiser and motion designer for Akomiah studios.

Brief and deliverables
Create 10 stills, 3 parallax animations, and a 30-sec animation as content for Antwi e-commerce website and social media.

Software used
Cinema 4D / Octane render / DaVinci Resolve
ACES colour management workflow was used throughout.

As there was no accurate reference or 3D/CAD files available I requested a prototype scooter. With a pair of digital calipers, I took measurements to help in the building of the 3D model. 
Based on physical observations, materials/textures were made for each element. An environment, lighting, and camera/lenses were built, and style renders were produced and supplied to the client. 
Following minor amendments, the animation was built from a draft storyboard and conversations. Once the animation and still shots had been established the project was ready to render to 1920x1080 format using higher render settings.
I typically output through Octane render engine in EXR format with some passes and ACES enabled. I imported the render passes into DaVinci Resolve for editing, minor corrections, and audio prior to final delivery.

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