Cinema4D with Octane + Redshift
MoGraph, Fields, Xpresso, X-particles

DaVinci Resolve / After Effects / Fusion
Editing, ACES workflow, compositing, tracking and VFX
Heavenly Group 
3D animation sequence highlighting 20 years of ideas
Antwi H10 Scooter 
E-commerce and social animation and stills (see Case Studies).
Modelling, texturing, lighting, motion and sound.
Stills and animations for informative Pill contraception on social media  ​​​​​​​
Prophet / Ithra downtown
Short looping animations for social media, representing each cultural zone
Two end-frame variations
Exploration in compositing of filmed and 3D
Bringing a standard 3D character into filmed footage, including tracking
Reel (ongoing WIP)
Collection of motion elements, providing a glimpse
(NDAs do not allow for many explorations to be shared)
Music from FMA: 'Driven to success' by
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