Adobe CC, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign,
AfterEffects, DaVinci Resolve, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Docs, Figma...
Brand guidelines (several examples)
Ensuring brand elements individually and as a whole are suitable for the clients' own design and production resources - finding solutions that are technically simpler to implement in communications.
Writing technical design sections (e.g. logo, fonts, colours, photography, icons, literature, advertising etc.) print testing, production, artwork, asset and template creation, mock-ups and visuals that bring the brand idea to life.
Apple stores, opening reveals (London and Berlin)
Creative artwork delivering oversized vinyl window reveals.
London 2012 Olympics
From strategic presentations to brand design development in guidelines, brand logo hierarchy, visualisations for presentations and guidelines, retouching, artworking, logo library, templates, asset creation and delivery.
Brand and artworking guidelines, illustrations and literature assets and posters, print production. 
Creation of a five metre poster in which real blank elements were photographed in 5 sections to create one element, then retouched and literature applied in post.
Foundry (formerly and IDG communications)
Brand guidelines and PowerPoint development.
Historic Royal Palaces
Recreated six Royal crests from supplied archive transparencies, and patterns from photo references. 
Using Illustrator, to recreate and simplify the crests, while maintaining the integrity of the design.
Approved by the Royal Warrant office on the first round.
Taking inspiration from photographs of each of the six Royal Palaces, I created patterns in Illustrator that could be tiled and used as swatch patterns for ease of use.
PwC guidelines
Design and development work on Visual expression guidelines (professional and desktop versions), Literature, Advertising, Signs and Environments, Recruitment guidelines, etc. 
CMS for brand hub, image visualisation, templates, assets, artwork delivery.
GO - Ipragaz (an SHV company)
Petrol station brand for energy company. 
3D visualisations, working with partners on prototype of station, liaising with local partners; model makers, furniture, advertising, PR in Istanbul, manufacturers (awarded best comprehensive guidelines),
London 2012
Example of a retouched and manipulated Getty Image for client presentation.
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