Role and client
3D implementation designer based in Istanbul with Saffron brand consultants for Ipragaz (energy), a part of the SHV family.

Build a new brand of petrol station to sell to independent dealers. 

Software used
Cinema 4D / Octane render / DaVinci Resolve / Adobe Photoshop, illustrator & InDesign
The renders have been updated using Octane.

3D visualisation and design stages: 
Visuals for the pitching process to sell the brand vision
Amendments to aid in brand iteration and development throughout the process
Documenting the kit of parts for the guidelines, e.g. station, shop, posters, totems, and wayfinding   

Additional project involvement:
Brand guidelines: writing sections, visualising, print testing, and asset creation
Visiting and liaising with the fabrication company on construction, brand materials, colours and lighting, along with the architect and designer (a full-scale prototype station, gallery and presentation area were built in a warehouse just outside Istanbul)
Attending meetings with the client and their partners: advertising agency, PR agency, furniture suppliers, events company, model makers, etc.​​​​​​​

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